School fees and other charges

School fees and other charges shall be based on the approved schedule by the Board of Trustees upon the recommendation of the College President and in accordance with CHED Order No. 13, s. 1998 and CHED Regional Memorandum No. 59, s. 1999. 

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Refund of Fees

        A student who withdraws from the College during the enrollment period and before the start of classes through a formal request in writing is entitled for a one hundred percent (100%) refund of his payments made except the fees intended for entrance, registration and admission test. In claiming for the refund, the student shall present and surrender his receipt/s.

        After the start of classes, only tuition fees are subject to refund in accordance with the following conditions.

  1. Ninety percent (90%) for within a week after the opening of classes.
  2. Eighty percent (80%) for within two (2) weeks after the opening of classes.
  3. No refund after the second week of the opening of classes.