Certificate in Midwifery


Amelia C. Antonio, MAN

Department Chair


  1. Develop the knowledge, attitude and skills of first level midwives in the care of the girl-child adolescent, and the adult woman prior to, during and following pregnancy. This prepares the midwives to:
    1. Give the necessary supervision, care and advice to women during pregnancy, labor and post-partum period;
    2. Manage normal deliveries on her own responsibility and care for the child.
  2. Specifically, graduates of the 2-year program are expected to:
    1. Perform primary health care services within the community (promotive and preventive care);
    2. Counsel and educate women, family and community regarding family planning including preparation for parenthood/parenting;
    3. Detect abnormal conditions in the mother and infant;
    4. Procure specialized assistance as necessary (consultation or referral).