The Forum on Best Practices of Research in SUCs was successfully carried out on September 24, 2015 at the Conference Room and e-Library Building with the attendance and participation of all the faculty members and interested administrative personnel of North Luzon Philippines State College.

The forum was initiated by the Office of the Director for Research and Extension, Dr. Severino G. Alviento, and implemented through the Coordinator for Research, Dr. Lanie B. Tiu. In his opening address, Dr. Alviento mentioned that research is one of the items for compliance in the granting of Performance-Based Bonus given to SUC employees each year. And as one of the core functions of the college apart from instruction, extension and production, faculty members must conduct researches; and present and publish research outputs as well, whether in the local, regional, national or international paper presentation or publications/journals.

Dr. Greg T. Pawilen, consultant of Schools and Publishing Companies, lectured on Qualitative Research. He was given the whole morning to deliberate his talk. He managed to present first the scenario on the mandate of the SUCs and the effect of the slowly unfolding K12 basic education curriculum and the fast realizing ASEAN 2015. He suggested some researchable topics for qualitative treatment and encouraged the participants to undertake them.

In the afternoon, Dr. Emelita C. Kempis, Vice President for Research, Extension and Training of Pampanga State Agricultural University (PSAU) presented the Best Practices of her University in terms of Research and Training. She first mentioned about the organizational structure of their university where the line of funding needed to be coursed through. She was very proud of their Mushroom Production that gave their university a very high income each year.