Dr. Rogelio T. Galera  OIC - Office of the President
 Dr. Estrella C. Gaerlan  Vice President for Academic Affairs
 Dr. Lanie B. Tiu  Dean, College of Teacher Education
 Dr. Nora H. Soliven  Dean - College of Business Education
 Prof. Maribel C. Ibañez  Dean - College of Arts and Sciences
 Dr. Lanie B. Tiu  Department Chairperson, BSE
 Mrs. Aileen V. Galang  Department Chairperson, BEED
 Mrs. Rosemarie C. Detran  Department Chairperson, Criminology
 Prof. Amelia C. Antonio  Department Chairperson, Midwifery
 Mr. Ramil T. Batin  Department Chairperson, BSCS
 Prof. Vicky C. Albayalde  Department Chairperson, BSBA
 Mr. Joey C. Abella  Program Chair, AB Political Science
 Prof. Yolanda Suzima V. Ablang  College Secretary
 Mrs. Marife D. Alviento  Director, Research and Extension
 Mrs. Maribel M. Gagto  Director, Quality Assurance and Accreditation
 Mrs. Olive Shower P. Basabas  Director, Gender and Development
 Prof. Joselita E. Viado  Director, Culture & Arts
 Mr. Rico G. Gagto  Director, NSTP
 Mrs. Erna C. Cabañero  Director, Sports
 Prof. Honeylyn G. Pacquing  Guidance Counselor
 Dr. Ryan Victor G. Abaya  Coordinator, Disaster RIsk Reduction Management
 Mrs. Leslie G. Agbulos  Coordinator, Research & Extension - CAS
 Mr. Andy Mamerto O. Terredaño  Head, MIS