Dr. Elizabeth M. Gacusana, NLPSC President, led the celebration of NLPSC Family Day. The Family Day is an annual and national celebration initiated by the Civil Service Commission and is a part of the celebration of the Philippine Civil Service Anniversary which fall in the month of September.

At NLPSC, Family Day was celebrated last September 19, 2016. It was a continuation of the First Year Anniversary celebration of Dr. Elizabeth M. Gacusana as NLPSC President. The program included intermission of personnel from different departments in the college, and exhibition games in basketball (men) and volleyball (women) wherein the teaching personnel played against the non-teaching personnel. The non-teaching personnel emerged as winners in both basketball and volleyball games.

The program culminated with the Zumba Dancing led by Mrs. Joselit Viado, director for the Culture and the Arts. (YSVA)



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