2015 Research Dissemination Forum and Re-echo Seminar

The 2015 research dissemination and e-echo seminar was successfully held on December 28-29, 2015. There were 15 papers presented during the forum, eight (8) new studies and seven (7) are masteral thesis and these are:

  1. Level of Awareness of the Barangay Officials of San Jose, Candon City, Ilocos Sur on the Baranggay Primer by Dhana B. Malamion
  2. Observations on the Disaster and Risk Reduction Management Training and Drills of NLPSC by Severino G. Alviento, Aurelyn Mina, Marife Alviento and Giddel Praise A.Floresca
  3. Extent of Implementation of the Privileges for the Senior Citizens in Candon City, Ilocos Sur by Luz V. Jimenez and Marife D. Alviento
  4. The MTB-MLE in the Field of Instruction: Snapshot Observations and Review of Practices in the Two DepEd Districts of Ilocos Sur” by Dr. Andres T. Malinnag, Jr.
  5. The Formulation of Guava Wine By Dr. Rodolfo C. Moreno
  6. Tradisyunal na Kasal: Daluyan ng Pagkikilanlan ng mga Taga-Gregorio del Pilar by Maribel Gagto, Valentina Lamarca and Lanie B. Tiu
  7. Stenography Instruction in North Luzon Philippines State College (2014-2015) by Nora H. Soliven
  8. Suliraning Kinakaharap ng mga Mag-aaral na Criminology sa Pagsasalita ng Wikang Filipino by Jane Moreno

The masteral thesis of faculty members are:

  1. The Financial Knowledge of the Personnel of North Luzon Philippines State College by Thelma R. Gacusana
  2. The Implementation of Selected Election Laws in Candon City, Ilocos Sur by Joey I. Abella
  3. Implementation of the Expanded Program on Immunization and its Relation to the Immunization Status by Maria Victoria L. Andaya
  4. Implementation of the Essential Intrapartum and Newborn Care Protocol in District Hospitals of Ilocos Sur by Maria Christina C. Remiendo
  5. Acceptability on and Compliance to the Genealogical Examinations among Premenopausal Women by Mandy Roie A. Atendido
  6. Waste Management among Hospitals in the City of Candon by Lailani G. Mecos
  7. Effectiveness of the Developed and Validated Modules in Stat. 101 by Jazmin S. Alabaso

During the Re-Echo seminar, there are at several faculty and staff who served as presentors and shared the experiences and knowledge that they learned from various seminars and workshops they attended, and these are:

  1. Distance Learning Program in HEIS and ETEEAP: MMSU Experience -Dr. Jaime G. Raras
  2. Supervisory Development Course - Track I -Eden C. Cortez
  3. Capacity Building of Research Institutions and Personnel on Migration and Development (CARES-MD) -Dr. Severino G. Alviento
  4. Intellectual Property (IP) Forum for HEI Top Management” -Dr. Severino G. Alviento
  5. Basic Customer Service Skills Training (BCSST) - Mrs. Jessica D. Guitba
  6. Update on LACE (Leave Administration Course for Effectiveness) - Mrs. Dhana B. Malamion
  7. 2nd Regional Advocacy Congress -Mr. Samson C. Nisperos
  8. PASUC National Culture and the Arts Festival Adjudication -Joselita E. Viado
  9. PASUC National Cultural and Arts Festival Adjudication (Extemporaneous Speech and Story Telling) -Maribel C. Iba?ez
  10. Evidence Based Practice in Group Counseling -Honeylyn G. Pacquing
  11. Transformative Interventions in Managing Effectively (Human Resources) -Ruby A. Gabor
  12. Computational Thinking for Educators -Leslie Garnace–Agbulos
  13. Seminar-Workshop on Outcome and Competency-Based Assessment for the K-12 Basic Education Program -Cheryl B. Diza
  14. UP Strategic Plan 2011-2017 -Thelma R. Gacusana
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