NLPSC’s BSCrim is Top 3 Performing School in Region 1

                The College of Criminal Justice Education of North Luzon Philippines Sate College (NLPSC) has recently received a certificate of Recognition from the Professional Criminologist Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PCAP) for being the Top 3 Performing School in Region 1 last October 2016.

                The college’s Bachelor of Criminology (BSCrim) garnered a passing rate of 59.68% (51 and above category).

                The institutional passing rate is 52.70 % as compared to the national passing rate of 31.35%

The prestigious award was received by the faculty members of BS Criminology department of NLPSC, Jhana T. Aromin, program chair of BSCrim, Aurelyn S. Mina and Donabelle D. Banasen on December 16, 2016 during the Joint Oath-taking and induction Ceremony for new Criminologist at Oasis Country Resort, City of San Fernando La Union.  

                The certificate of recognition was personally handed by Dr. Ambroiso P. Detran, director of PCAP Region 1, Dr. Jetreel B. Vicente, PCAP vice president for Luzon and Dr. Gerry J. Cano, PCAP national president.

                The 39 new criminologists who passed the October 2016 board exam from NLPSC are the following: Apolonio, Marinel G., Bagnet, Donna G., Balloging, Maricel N., Brioso Geneloyd B., Busely, Kevin A., Calip, Hazel Faith D., Canaoay, Royces May C., Cirilio, Elosia B., Daplayan, Lerma A., Dioag, Heniboy B., Doral, Jeffrey G., Ewitan, Marlon L., Fabro, Honorato Jr. V., Fabro, Jerwin S., Gabayan, Eden Rose G., Gacusana, Swetziel Mae G., Gacutan, Charlie G., Gallano, Jheric G., Gamueda, Kennelyn C., Ganase, Josefa C., Garabilez, Joan B., Haban, Dick Diminic A., Maduli, John Vic C., Mayo, Keng Jin A., Moreno, Elvis John C., Oppus, Jean G., Panduyos, Haspe P., Peralta, Irene A., Ramirez, Josua P., Rapadas, Ken Pierce C., Sanchez, Jonas L., Santamaria, Jeth Martson, Tang-o, Jeffrey B., Taoaguen, Nick A., Tejada, Margaret S., Tenorio, Cindy Walter B., Ubias, Reymond L., Valdez, Jolina G., and Valdez, Jonathan T. (MDA)

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