Name Position/Designation Contact Number
DR. ROGELIO T. GALERA  OIC, Office of the President
DR. ESTRELLA C. GAERLAN  Vice President for Academic Affairs 0927-761-9941
DR. SEVERINO G. ALVIENTO  Vice President for Administration and Finance
DR. LANIE B. TIU  Dean, College of Teacher Education 0917-726-8504
DR. NORA H. SOLIVEN  Dean, College of Business Education 0917-799-1446
MRS. MARIBEL C. IBAÑEZ  Dean, College of Arts and Sciences 0917-655-7460
MRS. LUZ C. INIGO  Board and College Secretary, Executive Assistant of the OIC - President 0945-730-3474
MRS. MARISSA L. MONES  Human Resource Management Officer 0917-777-1473
MRS. KRIZANNE I. LANUZA  College Accountant 0917-554-7172
MRS. ALPHA G. GONZALO  Cashier 0917-656-5193
ENGR. RICKY A. MOLINA  Planning Officer 0915-753-8355
MRS. EDEN C. CORTEZ  Budget Officer 0917-777-8968
MRS. JESSICA D. GUITBA  Supply Officer, Coordinator for IGP 0936-107-8102
MRS. GINA MARIE G. BALLOCANAG  Records Officer/Document Controller 0917-819-9724
MRS. LOREBEL S. DOMINGO  Director for Scholarship and Admission, Registrar 0916-685-5308
MRS. AILENE V. JOVEN  Librarian 0916-352-0058
DR. HELEN EVELYN U. VALDEZ  Director, Infrastructure, Planning & Development Services 092-740-50410
DR. MARIBEL M. GAGTO  Director, Quality assurance and Accreditation 0917-50-12231
DR. ELIZABETH M. VELASCO  Director for Instruction 0945-234-3148
MRS. DHANA B. MALAMION  Director, Student Affairs & Services 0945-351-8970
DR. DAVID M. IGNACIO  Director, Medical & Dental Services 0936-391-9932
MR. GERARDO G. GARNACE  Director, Safety & Security Services 0916-323-7497
MR. DAVID M. GACUSANA II  Head, Motorpool Services 0995-118-5285
MR. ABRAHAM P. TOQUERO  Head, Auxiliary Services 0915-958-2980
HON. ARMANDO Q. GANAL  Department of Science and Technology  Region 1 0917-853-1355
HON. NESTOR D. DOMENDEN  Department of Agriculture Region I  
HON. NESTOR G. RILLON  National Economic Development Authority Region I 0917-838-0991
HON. ROGELIO T. GALERA JR.  Commission of Higher Education Region 1 0916-776-8152
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