To produce quality human resources for global competitiveness.
Iloko: Mangpataud iti de-kalidad a naitao-an a rekursos para iti sangalubongan a pannakisalisal.


NLPSC is committed to educate diverse learners who will become responsible leaders in a culturally-oriented community through affordable and quality education in harmony with technology-based instruction, research and extension.
Iloko: Ikari ti NLPSC a sursuruan dagiti agad-adal nga agbalin a responsable a mangidaulo iti komunidad babaen iti kabaelan a gun-oden ken de-kalidad nga edukasion a mainaig iti naiputan iti teknolohia nga instruksion, panagsukisok ken ekstension. 

Development Goals
  • Strengthen technology-based research capabilities.
  • Impart efficient and effective public service through functional faculty and staff development programs.
  • Reinforce responsive extension services.
  • Innovate instruction for better educational performances and higher standards.
  • Generate adequate resources through viable economic enterprise.
  • Broader access to affordable and quality education.
  • Enrich student holistic development.
  • Tap positive linkages for a better and stronger partnership to stakeholders.
  • Heighten physical development programs.

Core Values

  • Goal-oriented (Pokus iti banag a tuntun-oyen)
    • We are guided by a clear purpose to fulfill the covenant we entered into and work hamoniously to strengthen one's relationship
  • Responsible Governance (Manakman a panangidaulo)
    • We abide with the Consitution of the Republic of the Philippines and other pertinent government regulations in pursuit honesty, transparency, efficiency, and effective public service.

  • Altruism (Kinaimbag iti pada a tao)
    • We set ourselves as model of sincerity and unselfishness to others.

  • Commitment (Panangipateg ti obra)
    • We dedicate ourselves to transform our clientele to become competent in their chosen profession.

  • Empowerment (Pannakapabileg dagiti tattao)
    • We, the men and women in the college are vested to deliver quality service without any exchange.
  • Synergy (Kinaalibtak)
    • We believe in and practice commitment to serve by developing intellectually and God-fearing leaders in the community.



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