The Guidance Program and Its Services

  1. The Guidance Program  - It aims to assist students for their holistic development.  Through the provision of the different Guidance Services, students are assisted in gaining self-awareness and deep understanding of one’s self and problems that confront them for better adjustments and in making intelligent choices.
  2. Individual Inventory Service –It aims to provide complete account of the student’s background, interests, activities and plans relating to the present and the future.
  3. Information Service
    1. Orientation Program – this program is conducted at the beginning of the first semester of each school year and is designed to acquaint new students about the college.
    2. In-service training for student organizations’ advisers – it aims to enrich and improve the knowledge, skills of the organizations’ advisers in assisting the students in the development not only in the academic achievement but also in their social and emotional adjustments.
    3. Career Perspective Program – this is designed for college graduating students so as to provide them some preparations that they need before entering the world of work.
    4. Values Enhancement Seminar – this aims to develop the participants an awareness/appreciation of their unique attitude qualities as a necessary component of self-development and optimization
    5. Peer Facilitators Orientation – students mostly share their concerns to someone at their age. In order to assist students to better help their fellow students, Peer Facilitators Orientation is conducted yearly.
  4. Counseling Service – provides a situation in which the student is stimulated to evaluate himself and his opportunities, to choose and to accept responsibility for his choice. Counseling service is availed or rendered through walk-in, call-in or referral.
  5. Testing Service – this service administers and evaluates tests that provide valuable knowledge concerning the psychological makeup of the students in terms of their abilities, achievements, interests, aptitude, personality, etc.
  6. Placement Service – it is primarily responsible for the orientation of graduating students to the world of work and in generating employment opportunities for the graduates.
  7. Follow-up Service - the guidance office staffs conduct the following activities under this follow up service in order to determine the extent to which they have made satisfactory adjustment:
    1. Incidental follow-up as a routinary work
    2. Follow-up of students who have been the subject of case studies
    3. Follow-up of shifter students

The Student Organization Development Program

  1. The Student Government – it is the highest student organization in the college.
  2.  Departmental Organization (Mandated)
  3. Accredited Student Organization (Fraternity, Sorority and others)

The Student Publication - the State College encourages the publication of newsletters journals intended to develop the creative writing talents of students. It also serves as an avenue to inform and express opinions. The Northern Collegian is the official student publication of the college.

The Student Spiritual and Moral Development Program

  1. Value Formation Program – recollections and spiritual enhancement program is conducted especially for the graduating students.
  2. Religious Services – this happens every first Friday of the month
    1. Liturgy of the Eucharist for Roman Catholics
    2. Inter-faith Assemblies
  3. Community Organization and Outreach Program

The Student Discipline Program - the state college recognizes the importance of right conduct and discipline of the students and their pursuit of education. Cases of the students’misconduct/misbehaviors beyond the parameters of effective counseling processes are referred to the Student Discipline which is in-charge of the judicious implementation of the Student Code of Conduct and Discipline.

Other Programs and Services

  1. Medical and Dental Services – The Medical-Dental Clinic of the college is presently located at the Ground Floor of the college Administration Building. It is manned by a Public Health Nurse and a Dentist. Services of the Clinic include check-up, tooth extraction, among others. Medicines are provided for free to legitimate students and personnel of the college.
  2. Library Services – the college library is located in front of the Teacher Education Building. Thousands of books in various disciplines are found in the library to provide reading and reference materials to students and faculty.
  3. Canteen Services – this serves as an income-generating project of the college and in order to address the food needs of the students and personnel
  4. Security Services – this aims to safeguard students, the college personnel and its properties