2014 Extension Activities

HUSOCOM Department
Detailing Barangay Primer Seminar

Talogtog,Candon City,Ilocos Sur, December 2014

Mrs. Dhana Malamion and Mr. Jonathan Casila, HuSoCom Family, Dr. Lanie Tiu, Mrs. Joselita Viado,  MARIS, and City Government of Candon DILG Barangay Officials and Residents of Barangay Talogtog 4 60
Midwifery Department
Blood letting program and National Red Cross

Candon Civic Center, August 27, 2015

Midwifery Faculty and Students 110 Bags of blood were collected from the 257 donors 8 10
Teacher Education Department
Story-telling Using Big Books

Kalumsing Elementary School, San Emilio, September 30, 2014

Students of Teacher Education and Ms. Cheryl Diza Kalumsing Elementary School 8 96 pupils and 9 teachers
Iloko Orthography Extension Program Ambulugan Elemtary School, Narvacan, October 11, 2014 Teacher Education Department Students Students of Ambulugan Elem. School 8 17
Preparation of Instructional Materials and Strategic Intervention Materials NLPSC, November 29, 2014 Ms. Cheryl Diza and Mrs. Ruby Gabor Teachers of San Emilio District 8 17
Action Research Writing NLPSC, November 2014 Dr. Jaime Raras,   Mrs. Maribel Ibañez, Ms. Yolanda Suzima Ablang Teacher Education Students 8 30
Seminar of Module Writing NLPSC, December 6, 2014 Mrs. Filipinas M. Gasalao Teacher Education Students 8 33 teachers
Training in Sports, Visual and Performing Arts St. Joseph Institute Quadrangle, Candon City, March 8, 2014 NLPSC Teacher Ed and HuSoCom Department Faculty Members Grade III pupils of St. Joseph Institute 8 23 
Story-Telling Using Big Books Caburao Elementary School, Santiago, Ilocos Sur, March 24, 2014 Ms. Cheryl Diza, Mrs. Ruby Gabor, Mrs. Joselita Viado, Mrs. Elizabeth Velasco, Dr. Jaime G. Raras 40 Students of Caburao Elementary School 8 All Employees of NLPSC
In Service Training for Teachers of SLNCS SLNCS, September 20, 2014 Dr. Jaime Raras, Mrs. Filipinas Gasalao, Mrs. Elizabeth M. Velasco, Mr. Rico Gagto, Ms. Yolanda Suzima Ablang 20 teachers trained 8 5

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