Mrs. Lorebel S. Domingo

College Registrar


The Office of the College Registrar is the repository of all student records from the time the students are enrolled until the time they graduate. This office provides the most important documents with which all college graduates must need in their entrance to productive and professional jobs in the world of work. These documents include the Transcript of Records, Diploma, Yearbook, and certifications of enrolment, grades, units earned, good moral character, honors received, scholarship and clearances.

Services Provided by the Registrar’s Office

As key reservoir of the various records of students, the office of the college registrar provides the following services:

  1. admits students in their entry to college in any course of their choice;
  2. keeps admission records of students for documentation purposes;
  3. records student grades based from the grade sheets submitted by the concerned faculty member, noted by the dean concerned and duly approved by the Director for Academic Affairs;
  4. prepares and issues certification of grades which supports students’ application for scholarship;
  5. releases certification of grades for transferees and honorable dismissal for requesting individuals;
  6. issues official transcript of records and diplomas to graduating students upon completion of a clearance for the claim of credentials;
  7. processes and approves scholarship grants and privileges of student-grantees;
  8. prepares a master list of enrollees and scholars every semester and every school year;and
  9. assists students in the dropping, adding and substituting subjects enrolled at a semester.