NLPSC produced 18 new midwives on the April 2016 Midwifery Licensure Examination which was conducted last April 17-18, 2016. With an institutional passing rate of 62% as against the national passing rate of 49.18%, the list of passers who will take their oath as registered midwives are as follows:

      1. Abata, Myla Q.
      2. Ayson, Marife E.
      3. Baglan, Manelyn S.
      4. Bantor, Luz Marie Alma S.
      5. Cortez, Eva Marie G.
      6. Dalligos, Rushel P.
      7. Dela Cruz, Lovely D.
      8. Dilla, Maria Emerald L.
      9. Dumaoa, Eamjoy M.
      10. Felipe, Blessing L.
      11. Fernandez, Hazel B.
      12. Gamoso, Fatima
      13. Gironella, Josevina S.
      14. Lopez, May Claire C.
      15. Manzano, Myrma S.
      16. Remolacio, Ryzza T.
      17. Tejada, Marimar S.
      18. Toroc, Kathleen Jean T.