Bachelor of Science in Criminology

The BSCrim program aims to:

  • To prepare the students to be efficient and effective in:
  • Foster the leadership, integrity, accountability and responsibility while serving their fellowmen, and community and country;
  • Prepare the students for careers in crime prevention, law enforcement, scientific crime detection and correctional administration; and,
  • Encourage research and inquiry on the nature, courses treatment or punishment of criminal behavior and how criminal justice agencies respond to crime, criminals, and virtues.

Bachelor of Science in Midwifery

The BSM program aims to:

  • Develop the knowledge, attitude and skills of first level midwives in the care of the girl-child adolescent, and the adult woman prior to, during and following pregnancy. This prepares the midwives to:
  • Give the necessary supervision, care and advice to women during pregnancy, labor and post-partum period;
  • Manage normal deliveries on her own responsibility and care for the child.
  • Specifically, graduates of the 2-year program are expected to:
  • Perform primary health care services within the community (promotive and preventive care);
  • Counsel and educate women, family and community regarding family planning including preparation for parenthood/parenting;
  • Detect abnormal conditions in the mother and infant;
  • Procure specialized assistance as necessary (consultation or referral).

Bachelor of Arts

The AB program aims to:

  • To develop the students competence in their chosen field of specialization necessary for their immediate gainful environment;
  • To produce professionals who could think critically, appreciate human values and cultural heritage, and develop desirable attitudes and behavior that would make them productive and well-rounded citizens; and,
  • To equip the students with skills in values such as honesty, hard-work and disciplines as foundations for further training beyond their baccalaureate degree.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The BSCS program aims to:

  • To produce competent graduates with the theoretical and practical skills that will enhance their efficiency and effectiveness as computer science professional;
  • To train students for careers in computing science, information technology and computer education;
  • To develop cognitive capabilities relating to specific task and practical skills specific to Computer Science;
  • To develop and promote to students the code of ethics in the Information Technology profession; and
  • To develop students to be socially and spiritually responsible and environmental friendly as to become better members of the society.