College of Teacher Education

Bachelor of Elementary Education

At the end of four years, the prospective elementary school teacher shall be able to:

  • Equip students with mastery and pedagogical skills to enable them pass Licensure Examination for Teachers.
  • Develop desired qualities of an effective teacher in the elementary level who is gender sensitive and environment conscious.
  • Undertake research activities to improve quality instruction in the elementary.
  • Disseminate research result to teachers and other concerned individuals and institutions.
  • Provide relevant and innovative instructional materials for effective teaching.
  • Conduct continuing non-formal education and other relevant extension activities for the improvement of life in the community.

Bachelor of Secondary Education

The BSE program aims to:

  • Produce competent teachers in the secondary level equipped with relevant pedagogical skills and content.
  • Provide prospective teachers opportunities to conduct and disseminate educational researches.
  • Inculcate in the students positive attitude and desirable values to become role models in the community.
  • Undertake relevant extension services through the conduct of continuing and non-formal education programs.
  • Spearhead curriculum changes to meet the needs of a dynamic society.
  • Produce graduates capable of passing the Licensure Examination for Teachers.

Bachelor of Culture and Arts Education

The BCAEd program shall have graduates that are able to:

  • Teach effectively and efficiently culture and arts by applying the learned principles and theories in education.
  • Preserve and understand local culture and arts of the diverse community of the province through the duplicate of inherited art forms.
  • Manage development programs and projects that promote the local converging culture and arts of the lowland and upland communities of the province.
  • Conduct researches on the historic culture and arts to create new knowledge.
  • Create new art forms from the dynamic and developing culture of the community.