Student Admission to the College

The college implements the “open admission” policy to all students who are willing to take any of the degree and non-degree programs every school year. 

Admission to Courses with Board Examinations

      Programs where graduates shall undergo board examinations may be implementing stricter admission policies to entrants. The following shall be observed:

  1. Teacher-education students must pass the Teaching Aptitude Test (TAT) at the end of their second year in order to proceed to their third and final year in their respective courses, that is, Bachelor in Elementary Education and Bachelor in Secondary Education.
  2. Entrants to the Midwifery Program should have at least 82% in their Science subjects in high school.
  3. All entrants must pass the interview with the dean concerned prior to their enrolment to the programs with board examinations.

 Admission of Transferees

  1. Transferees for the first year and the second year level may only be admitted to the college upon submission of the following requirements:
    1. Honorable Dismissal from the school of the origin
    2. True Copy of the Certificate of Grades
    3. NSO-issued Birth Certificate
    4. Notice of Acceptance from teh Dean concerned
    5. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  2. A transferee may not be granted admssion to the college on the following grounds:
    1. He/She has already competed more than 75% of the unit requirements of the course to be enrolled in.
    2. He/She is unable to comply with the requirements for admission.

Admission of Cross-Enrollees

For cross enrollees, students will just present her/his permit to cross-enroll upon enrollment.

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