NLPSC President Dr. Elizabeth M. Gacusana Receives Pammadayaw Award

Dr. Elizabeth M. Gacusana, President of North Luzon Philippines State College (NLPSC), was one of the recipients of the “Pammadayaw” sponsored by the City Government of Candon city, Ilocos Sur held at the Candon City Civic Center on March 26, 2017.

Dr. Gacusana was an awardee to this year’s Pammadayaw in connection to the award she received from the Civil Service Commission as one of the Dangal ng Bayan Regional Awardees in celebration of the Civil Service 116th anniversary which was held during the recognition and awards rites on September 15, 2016 at the Hotel Ariana and Restaurant, Bauang, La Union.

The Pammadayaw is a yearly program of the City Government of Candon to give recognition to individual Candonians passed board exams and those who exceled in the different fields and recipients of awards given by provincial, regional and national bodies.

Different Barangays together with their officials and some residents were also given award and recognition such as the Best Performing Barangay, Outstanding Punong Barangay , Child-Friendly Barangay, Best Implementer of Sports Development Program, Most Functional Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council, Best in Youth Development Program, Best in Culture and Arts, Best Implementer of Organic Farming, Best Implementer of Elderly Welfare Program, Best in PWD Program Implementation, Outstanding Barangay Tanod, Best in Agricultural Productivity, Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar, Best in Fish Production (small scale), Outstanding Barangay- Based Cooperative, Best Managed Day Care Center, Outstanding Barangay Day Care Worker, Best Performing NGO, Outstanding Farmers Association, Best in Livestock Production, Most Functional Botika ng Barangay, Safest and Most Peacefull Barangay, Most Healthy Barangay, Outstanding Sangguniang Barangay, Best implementer of Nutrition Program, Best Barangay Herbary, Best Innovative Practice, Best Fisherman Association, Outstanding Barangay-Based Micro SME Enterp, Best Implementer of Solid Waste Management Program, Most Functional Barangay Disaster Coordinating Council, Best Barangay Tree Park, Best barangay intensive gardening (BIG) implementer, Best in Tourism Promotion, Outstanding Barangay Health Worker, Outstanding Barangay Secretary, Outstanding Barangay Treasurer.

City officials who were present during the 2017 Pammadayaw was headed by the dynamic Candon City Mayor honorable Ericson D. Singson and her wife Atty. Claire G. Singson. Region I DILG Regional Director James F. Fadrilan was the Guest of Honor and Speaker during the said celebration while Atty. Kristelle G. Singson is this year’s Pammadayaw Committee chair.

The students of NLPSC who are resident of Candon City were also awardees are: 

BEED/BSE Licensure Examination for Teacher Passers:

1. Azur, Julie Ann R.- Paypayad
2. Garabilez, Sharmaine R. –Paypayad
3. Cartilla, Charace S. – San Andres
4. Sabalan, Judiann Rose R- San Andres
5. Gacilos, Jeffrey A. – Calongbuyan
7. Sevilla, Ralph Nicole A. – Calongbuyan
8. Lozano, Mabelle A. – Calongbuyan
9. Gasalao, Cynthia G. – Calongbuyan
10. Galao, Joshua V. – Calaoa-an
11. Gamer, Carmina O-Patpata
12. Granfil, Jerose B.- Patpata
13. Toquero, Cecilio Jr. R- Patpata
14. Gayao, Almiramae D.- Cubcubuot
15. Valdez, Rudy Jr. T.- Cubcubuot
16. Del Rosario, Cristene A- Parioc
17. Gapate, Ruby Ann L.- Parioc

18. Escobar, Kristel V.- Caterman
19. Padilla, Mary Grace R.- Bagani Campo
20. Mecos, Ericnel D.- Bagani Campo
21. Cordova, Janice G.- Bagani Tocgo
22. Garabiles, Regine T. – San Nicolas
23. Parayno, Jun Karlo R.- Calaoa-an
24. Leuterio, Jose Jr. A. – Calaoa-an
25. Galicia, Sherlyn S.- Tablac
26. Ganado, Marlito G.- Tablac
27. Casuga, Jerome P. – Langlangca
28. Altarejos, Jun Mar- Bagani Ubbog
29. Valeriano, Sheila Mae F.- Talogtog
30. Altes, Florence B. – Darapidap
31. Gallebo, Beverly Q.- Bugnay
32. Panganiban, Mary Claire R- San Isidro
33. Valdez, Maria Cristina G. – San Pedro

Criminologists Board Passers:

1. Apolonio, Marinel G. – Calongbuyan
2. Brioso, Geneloyd B.- Bagani Campo
3. Buseley, Kevin A.- San Agustin
4. Gacusan, Swetziel Mae G. – Parioc 1st
5. Gacutan, Charlie G. – Tablac
6. Gallano, Jheric G. – Tablac
7. Garabilez, Joan B.- Patpata 1st
8. Maduli, John Vic C.- Bagani Tocgo
9. Santa Maria, Jeth Martson- Salvador 1st
10. Tang-o, Jeffrey B. – Calongbuyan
11. Tenorio, Cindy Walter B.- Salvador 1st
12. Valdez, Jolina G. _ Patpata 2nd

Midwifery Board Licensure Examination Passers  (November 5-6, 2016)

1. Abata, Myla Q.- Calaoa-an
2. Cortez, Eva Marie G. – Tablac
3. Gamoso, Fatima- Bagar
4. Gironella, Josevina S- Darapidap
5. Manzano, Myrma S.- Palacapac
6. Remolacio, Ryzza T. – Paypayad
7. Toroc, Kathleen Jean t.- San Agustin 

Midwifery Board Licensure Examination Passers  (April 17-18, 2016)

1. Barroga, Maria Herminia V. - Parioc 2nd
2. Galima, Imeros Polyne E. - San Jose
3. Pascua, Ruth M. – Allangigan 2nd

Special Awards

Edgie Boy Cruz 

Champion, Regional SCUAA 10k Running Events 

1. Barroga, Maria Herminia V. - Parioc 2nd 
2. Galima, Imeros Polyne E. - San Jose 
3. Pascua, Ruth M. – Allangigan 2nd

Midwifery Board Licensure Examination Passers  (November 5-6, 2016)

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