Hon. Romulo keynotes 4th Commencement Exercises

IMG 0300 NLPSC, a 5-year old public higher education institution, facing the challenges of accreditation and of amalgamation, listed on the 10th of the Ten Performing Schools in the Philippines in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) for its 2014 BEED graduates, and consistent producer of licensed teachers, criminologist and midwives, takes too much pride once again of its 488 graduates for batch 2015.

What comes tough this graduation rites is an invitation to a much sought-after national figure to serve as the Commencement Speaker. And yes, we have triumphed to get his hard-earned “affirmation” as he has already booked a kilometric list of speech engagements for the moths of March and April. We are lucky indeed to have just one spot in the calendar left unfilled so as to say that Honorable Congressman Roman T. Romulo will definitely hold the microphone at the rostrum to address the graduates of NLPSC this March 19, 2015.


Congressman Roman Tecson Romulo is considered an outstanding legistrator. Despite his being the chairman of the Committee on Higher and Technical Education in the House of Representatives, he holds membership in the major committees of the Congress: Basic Education and Culture, Constitutional Amendments, Economic Affairs, Human Rights, Information and Communications Technology, Metro Manila Development, Revisions of Law, Science and Technology, and Veterans Affairs Welfare.


With his beliefs that public can do much in the improvement of the nation, his expertise in crafting bills to make every denizen technically skilled and highly educated, and his influence over the institutions of learning in the land as catalysts of change, the Philippines could conquer the ASEAN community.

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