“To reinforce responsive extension services” – 3rd of the 9 Development Goals of the NLPSC in leadership of its first President, Dr. Elizabeth Gacusana.

The College of Teacher Education (CTE) has successfully conducted an outreach program at Butac and Dadtoco Elementary School at Man-atong, Suyo, Ilocos Sur on January 22, 2016. Mrs. Ruby A. Gabor, lead the extension activity, along with Dr. Jaime G. Raras, the Dean of the CTE, Ms. Cheryl Diza and Mrs. Maribel Ibañez. BSE graduating students, Mary Grace Padilla and Ysabelle Morados also joined the said activity.

Simultaneous activities during the program were story-telling prepared by the two student extensionists and the conduct of professional enhancement among the Dadtoco and Butac Elementary School. Prior to the start of the extension activity on professional enhancement of teachers, the NLPSC extensionists turned over the donations consisting of 25 chairs, bundles of books, one malunggay seedling, and various instructional materials  to the principal of Dadtoco (Butac) Elementary School, Dr. Gloria Enrique as witnessed by the teachers of the said school and the pupils.




The one-day extension activity ended with a light mood with the giving of impressions and awarding of certificates. Certificates of Recognition were given to Dr. Gloria Enrique, the principal of Dadtoco Elementary School for her selfless initiative to provide the teachers a Continuing Professional Education through the help of NLPSC. Mr. Junard Rentutar, the master of ceremonies, awarded the Dean of Teacher Education for the extension given by the school to the teachers of Dadtoco Elementary School.

The CTE has been actively involved in many extension activities for the improvement of life in the community.

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